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劉裕發茶莊 Lau Yu Fat Teashop / 工夫茶舍 Gong Fu Teahouse
九龍鑽石山荷里活廣場 1樓 143號 (鑽石山地鐵站)
Shop 143, Level 1, Plaza Hollywood Diamond Hill, KLN
Tel/Whatsapp: 6232 8881

工夫茶舍 Gong Fu Teahouse (灣仔利東街 Lee Tung Avenue)
香港灣仔皇后大道東200號, 利東街地庫 B08-09 (灣仔地鐵站D出口)
Shop B08-09, Basement, Lee Tung Avenue, No. 200 Queen's Road East, WanChai, HK
Tel/Whatsapp: 9607 0809

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工夫茶 (茶包)

Gong Fu Tea (Tea Bags,20pcs)





It is made of premium Tie Guan Yin of Anxi after curing with craftsmanship.

It is strong in charm and promotes the secretion of saliva with a sweet aftertaste.

It can act as an antioxidant, eliminate the sluggish feeling,

increase appetite and reduce cholesterol levels. It is healthy and delicious.


沖泡方法 Brewing Method

工夫茶 (茶包)

HK$150 一般價格
  • 工夫茶 (茶包)

    茶類: 烏龍茶(烘焙工夫茶)

    功效: 抗氧化, 消滯去膩, 降膽固醇

    包裝: 香港


    Gong Fu Tea

    Types: Oolong Tea

    Effects: Anti-Oxidization, Facilitate Digestion,Reducing blood cholesterol levels

    Packed in: Hong Kong

    Origin: Fujian

    Code: z30904525

    NW: 100g

    Tea Bags: 20pcs